Explore the enchanting realm of magic with Awugreen.

Our primary focus is on designing unique, character-driven social games. In our world, one-size-fits-all solutions don’t cut it. We build exciting, elaborate escapades so the players become their heroes.


Our stance on gambling is a strict non-endorsement, and we emphatically push for our games to be used purely for the sake of amusement. Our strongest suggestion is this: the games we offer are specifically designed for individuals who are 18 years old or older. With Awugreen, let yourself delve into the enchanting thrill of gaming in a safe environment. Terms of Use.

What we do?

Creating Unique Virtual Worlds

Awugreen creates captivating social games in which every participant assumes the role of the protagonist of their narratives.

Safe and Exciting Experiences

Awugreen guarantees a secure and thrilling entertainment experience by upholding a constructive ambiance in each game.

Maintaining Interaction

Our aim is to construct a social platform on an exceptional level where gamers are able to unite in a network that promotes the sharing of encounters, establishing new bonds, and creating extraordinary communities.

When the magic of social gaming meets reality

Awugreen is not just a company, but also a community of creative idealist united by On DREAM, making Unique and Social Game. Our story began with a thought bubble like dream to changed The best digital enterworld by every players becoming hero of their adventure.

We try to stand out not only with a truly original and undulating content, but by a successful development quality. Each game developed by us is the result of years of experience and creative enthusiasm from our team. We believe that in the world of social games there is a place not only for entertainment, but for deep emotional experiences as well.

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