About Us

When the magic of social gaming meets reality

Awugreen is not just a company, but also a community of creative idealist united by On DREAM, making Unique and Social Game. Our story began with a thought bubble like dream to changed The best digital enterworld by every players becoming hero of their adventure.

We try to stand out not only with a truly original and undulating content, but by a successful development quality. Each game developed by us is the result of years of experience and creative enthusiasm from our team. We believe that in the world of social games there is a place not only for entertainment, but for deep emotional experiences as well.

We don’t just give our players an opportunity to have fun, we also encourage them in their own victories. We strongly believe that every single one of our games has the power to invent, unlock and unite. I am excited to go somewhere where I have never been before, right here with our Social Games!


We’ve Received Some Wonderful Feedback from Our Customers

Lucas Müller
Graphic Designer
Elena Rossi
Italian language teacher
Henrik Andersen
Marie Dubois


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